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In the "Add Library To Project" dialogue box, can we please show the current libraries at the bottom?

Created: 28 Feb 2013 • Updated: 28 Feb 2013
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Dear Symantec,

At the moment, when adding libraries to a project, I go into the "Add Library To Project" dialogue and I select the DLL to include. Problem is, more than once, I have tried adding the same object (by browsing to it) into the project, but then it tells me that it is already there or there is another version in another path or alternatively, I cannot find the DLL I am looking for. This is the sort of thing that Microsoft's UIs for doing the same thing in Visual Studio does as well and is quite intuitive.

I know that I can see a list of the DLLs in the Libraries tab of the Project itself, but could we please have the current libraries showing in the bottom window of the "Add Library To Project" dialogue and turn it into a "Manage Project Libraries" dialogue instead, so that you can see what is already included and what can be added into the project within one space? Libraries that are being added in this execution of the dialogue could be given a different colour to give the distinction?

Kindest regards,