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Add %System Volume Information% as a wildcard

Created: 23 Aug 2013 • Updated: 23 Aug 2013
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There are wildcards for %programfiles%, and %systemroot%, why not one for %system volume information%? If someone wants to set up an exclusion for this folder, which resides on every volume that might exist on a given server, to apply a global policy I'd have to create exclusions for every possible volume. Example: c:\system volume information, e:\system volume information, f:\system volume information, g:\system volume information, etc.... You get the idea. Nice if all I have to do is exclude any folder named %system volume information% on a given server.

Some might warn this is dangerous. What if this folder got a trojan or worm stored in it? Well, it is built by MS as a hidden folder, and default permissions are pretty locked down to System and Creator Owner. But I suppose there is risk.

The reason it is a consideration is that some backup applications write a log file to this folder. If the log file gets modified or changed in some way by a SEP scan then it could alter the behavior of the backup software. In my immediate case I set up an exclusion for *.log files, but if you consider the value of the %system volume information% folder wildcard I'll appreciate it.