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Adding Computers to a Filter 7.1

Created: 25 Feb 2011 | 3 comments
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I like the way you can go to Organisational Views, select a list of computers and assign them to a Filter.

Problem is, this is a manual process, and as new computers get added to Active Directoryu OU's, this list will become outdated.

It would be great to automate this process, but allowing us to select a 'high' level OU container and create a Filter based on that. Moving forward, computers added to that specific OU in AD, will be imported and automatically update the Filter.

Is this an easy option to add? See attached the current way of doing things, but there is no current option to click on the "DBN FT Notebooks" OU to provide the same fucntion..

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I would like to give this a bump.... 

One option I could see working out would be a Task that assigns the computers to the filter you want.

My thought is that when you re-image a PC, maybe you want to toss it into a filter that is specific to the image you deployed.

To take care of your option, you woud simply need to create a task for each Altiris Org View you want a filter assigned to, and then create a scheduled job that says:

Run Assign to FilterX task on Org View X.

Run Assign to FilterY task on Org View Y

Run Assign to Filter Y task on Org View Z

You could then setup this schedule to run every day, week, month.

(may be a bit intense to run daily, as it is probably going to reassign everything 1 by 1 vs looking for computer objects that are unassigned).

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So if I understand well, you are saying that when Organisational Views are updated, the assigned filters are not updated?

This sounds a bit strange to me, as far as I know on the NS7.1 this should be updated everytime you have the task that update your filters running (after the Active Directory Import had run and updated your Organizational Views).

You can change the schedule on the filter update or create a task to update your filter some time after the Active Directory Import ran.

Am I wrong?


Cédric DUBIE

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I think you are correct, as long as there is activity, the filters get auto-updated as well.

I think the big hurdle though, is somehow getting a task that can be run on the client PC, that will add the PC to a specific Org Group.  

I think you can link it to AD, but I prefer to have my Altiris Views independent of our AD setup, so I end up having to manually assign a PC 1 by 1 to Organizational views.

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