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Adding Content status field

Created: 15 Aug 2012 • Updated: 12 Dec 2012 | 1 comment
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Status: On Roadmap


It would be good, if you will show additional field in Account - > My Activity, which will show status information, for example for Discussion -> Resolved or Unresolved, for Ideas -> Implemented. I need this cause i allways try to make "resolved" all my discussions, but there is no ability to view which are now resoved which are not, i need to click and enter in each discussion to see. I think that such field may help to close more Discussions for another users to.

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Good idea, especially for the Forum Threads solved/unsolved - this could be on your profile page with the "Contribution Stats"

As far as it stands currently, you can get somewhere close if you search the "Entire Site" for your userid, all the solved are highlighted in green & the unsolved aren't (altho' for yourself the search only finds 38 entries whereas your profile states 40 "Forum Threads") & unfortunatley there does not appear to be a filter available for "Unsolved" only "Solved".

Search parameters/filters (have excluded the actual list of your created threads):

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