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The Agent Installation page cannot work in Scope based environments

Created: 20 Dec 2012
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The Agent Installation page (formerly known as Agent Push) is available on the Symantec Management Console.

However this page uses an infrastucture that prevents it from being usable in a scope based environment (an environment where administrators from different areas are only able to see resources within the area).

The problem is due to 2 elements:

  1. The data grid that shows computers to which push the agent (or where the agent was installed via push) uses a single view that is available to all users that have access to this page. This means users from various areas can see the computers that were installed on other areas.
  2. The agent push process starts by creating a computer resource from the information in the grid. This process creates the computer resource in the default organizational view, which is not available to scoped users (roles). This causes the computer to not be available in the agent installation page once created and break the push process.

It would be much better if the agent installation page was scope based, or better if the scope users had a default folder (for newly created resources) within it's organizational view. This would prevent other users from seeing it and allow the push interface to be used.