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Alerts should be sent via email as well as SMS

Created: 25 Oct 2013 • Updated: 16 Jun 2015 | 3 comments
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In the   >   ClientNet   >   , you can set up alerts via SMS (text message).
That is good and we do use it.

However, should send those same alerts via SMTP email to my email address.

I have asked about this before.
The usual answer is --- if the problem is with the email system, then sending the alert via email will not work, because email is broken--.

I understand that concept.

However, in most situations I recall over the last few years, sending the Alert via email would have worked very well. Many times it would have been delivered right away, and in other cases perhaps a small delay.

In any case it would be our preferred mehtod to receive those Alerts.

SMS is nice.

But it is not always the answer.

The News Alerts and Service Alerts should also be sent via email.

We do not visit the ClientNet web page "every few hours" just to check to see if there is a new Service Alert.

It just seems really obvious to me that a company that is in the "email business" can send a few simple alert messages via email.

Just about any device now-a-days sends emails.
Why it that so difficult for Symantec,cloud ?



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Still waiting for this function.

Still "very confused" why a simple / normal / common   function  like  "email notifications"  is not offered.

Thanks for any help you can give on this.


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An interesting example occured today (May 11, 2015).  There is a ClientNet "Service Alert" about telephone problems for ML support.

It would have been very useful for us to receive that notification via email.

Just one example of many.,


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Sill wondering why this is not available.

Seems like,...Sending email...  should be simple for an "email company" .

I wonder how other clients learn about the Service and News alerts ?



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