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Allow Modification of the Frequency of the Client-side Out of Date Virus Definition Message

Created: 27 Aug 2013 | 2 comments
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SEP has the option of configuring a message to notify the client if virus definitions are older than a certain age.

In previous versions of SEP/SAV, the message had a frequency value of greater than one minute, and it could be suppressed by the user.

In SEP 12.1, this message pops up every minute, and it cannot be suppressed (apparently) if UAC is enabled.  (I haven't been able to experiment to verify the exact implications of UAC, but I have seen the box pop up every minute, without the ability to suppress it, on systems in two separate large enterprises that share nothing in common between their systems.)

Please provide a mechanism to set the frequency for the notification.  This is especially important now that the entire SEP 12.1 GUI requires administrative privileges or for UAC to be disabled to even see the date of the current virus definitions.  Since users can no longer check on the virus definitions themselves, it is that much more important to notify them if they become out of date.

Alternatively, it would be acceptable to expose the check box to allow suppression of the message.  Based on my reading of previous discussions about UAC and the SEP 12.1 GUI, however, this seems less likely.

Thanks for your consideration.

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And do not notify until after a period of time after login so that a computer coming online that has been off for awhile can have time to update the definitions before sending out the notification.


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