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Auto-sort feature for the SEPM

Created: 05 Sep 2013
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What I would like to see is the SEPM be able to do some auto-sorting when machines check in.

This is independant of the AD sync feature and could be used instead of.

The scenario would be this:

Create a new group (location) and assign it an IP range or multiple IP ranges.

Ex, Location1 -,,

Any machines that check in to the SEPM that fall within this IP range would automatically be placed into this group. If the machine already resides in this group than no change is made/needed.

We have many new machines added each day and they all end up in the Default Group because we choose not to use AD sync. Having the SEPM auto-sort the machines into the groups with the correct IP range would cut the time spent by the admins and allow them to handle other tasks.