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Autos scan feature of USB

Created: 18 Mar 2013
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 Dear Team,

My name is Kishor Kamble. I have worked on Symantec Endpoint Portection product.

As till date i have got complaints from user that symantec antivirus doesnot auto scans the usb as soon as it is plugged in machines.

They have to manually scan there pendrives when ever they connect it in any systems.

I suggest there should be a feature of autoscan of usb mass storage devices like (pendrives, memory card, etc ) not the external hdd as per class id which we use for blocking usb in policies of symatnec endpoint manager.

The scanning should start as soon as any usb is connected to machines.

Also if there is any virus outbreak in network, or any infected system is broadcasting virus.

the other computers having syamntec antivirus should detect the virus and block the attack form spreading to other computers.

Sharing of files and folders are essential in organization so it cannot be disabled to control the spreading of virus.

users accessing different computers files and folders at that time symatnec should detect any virus in coming or going out.

thank you,