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Bring Back Retry Task

Created: 21 Aug 2012 | 3 comments
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In DS 6.9 you had the ability to right click a failed job and select Retry Task, to restart a job from the task it failed on and it would continue on.

In DS 6.9 You could also drag and drop a folder full of base jobs on a PC to have it schedule those jobs in order on a PC, you are unable to do this in 7.1. The suggested method to do this is to create a single job that has tasks to install all of the desired software. The way things are now, say for example you create a job that installs 30 base software titles on a computer:

If the job fails on a task that is installing software title #5 or even #25, you can't restart at where it failed, you either have to re-run the entire job, or manually go and schedule each of the software titles beginning with and after the task that failed.

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Retry and Continue job will be great.

Even we do have the ability to setup the job in SMP to continue when a task is failing, however it will be nice that we can see live what is happening

Mohammad Bamya

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One of the millions of reasons we are staying on 6.9. We won't use 7.1 until there is a Win32/Win64 console.

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Check out the upcoming GS 3.0 release...good news for DS 6.9 customers.


David Evans
Principal Product Manager
Deployment Solution, Ghost Solution Suite, Server Management Suite, Task Server

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