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Bug fixing: script with output option results status success, all the same failed.

Created: 13 Feb 2012
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Context: Client Management Suite 7.1 sp2 (CMS, DS, SMP 7.1 sp2)

2012-02-13: We reproduce on multiple installations, and other EMEA SMM specialized partners confirm this problem. The script task is part the Symantec Management Platform. We don’t verify if previous sp2 version reproduce the same or not. Your feedbacks about are welcome.


When using a client script task, with the option “Save script output with task status”, the task always return a “success” status, all the same none “zero” result.


If deactivate the option “Save script output with task status”: The failed status is working correctly. Of course, you don’t get any more the “script output” into the task result.


Symantec should correct their code. Is any existing escalation, or should we create our own? (thanks your feedback for an internal Symantec tracking or support case ID).


It is already a pity we lose the ability to add our own “success” returns code those tasks, as we were able to define into DS 6.9. I wonder what’s happening for Linux users, as normally ‘0’ means failed and ‘1’ means success; do they have to “revert” all their return code scripts?