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Can Import Rules PLEASE add in an option in the Import Rules for "Delete removed resources" to just delete resources of the Resource Type being imported.

Created: 18 Feb 2013
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Dear Symantec,

Currently, if I am importing resources from a spreadsheet, then I might create two to three types of resources from the one spreadsheet because they are all linked together and I will create one Data Source for the whole set of data, which is reasonable.

However, if I want to tick the "Delete removed resources" checkbox in the Import Rules (because I want the spreadsheet to be the Ultimate Source of Truth), then this creates a lot of complexity. The problem is that I will:

1) Import Resource Type A via Import Rule 1 (including "Delete removed resources" checkbox) connected to Data Source.

2) Import Resource Type B via Import Rule 2 (including "Delete removed resources" checkbox) connected to Data Source.

All OK.

I run Import Rule 1, then Resource Type A is imported.

I run Import Rule 2, then Resource Type B is imported and all of the Resource As that were imported are deleted - this is REALLY undesirable.

The reason for this is that it is the Data Source that holds information about which resources were created NOT the Import Rules and so it is the Data Source that deletes the Type A resources.

To fix this, I need to create an entirely duplicated Data Source and then point Import Rule 2 to this Data Source to make this configuration:

1) Import Resource Type A via Import Rule 1 (including "Delete removed resources" checkbox) connected to Data Source A.

2) Import Resource Type B via Import Rule 2 (including "Delete removed resources" checkbox) connected to Data Source B.

Now, if there is code in a Data Source A Pre-processor, then this needs to be copied and pasted to the Data Source B and therefore there is a possibility of mistakes.

Instead, can we please add an option that is shown when someone checks the "Delete removed resources" checkbox which shows the options of "Delete all Data Source-created resource types" or "Delete only this Import Rule's resource types"? This would allow me to use just one data source for one source of data and allow that data source to hold the definitive list of items.

Kindest regards,