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Can we please be able to apply Data Classes to Resource Association Types?

Created: 11 Sep 2013 • Updated: 11 Sep 2013
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Dear Symantec,

A few times, I have been asked if you can apply attributes to a Resource Association, such as, if Server A is connected to Server B via a Resource Association, there needs to be included the nature of the connection included in the Resource Association, such as "Over 30Mbit link" or "With Firewall exclusions". Also, software could be connected to other software and show the nature of the connection, such as "UDP" and "TCP", etc. Also, if I were modelling an infrastructure, then the speed of the connections could be noted, etc. This is difficult to do in AMS 7.1 SP2, as I would need to replace one RA with two RAs, with one object in the middle that had the details of the resource association included (and I would need to create one bridging object per association set, thus having to created lots of unique objects).

I have seen other products that allow a user to give a description to the resource association and this functionality would be desirable in AMS 7.1.

So, my idea is that Resource Association Types should be allowed to be connected to Data Classes and then you can then add unique data about the resource association between the two objects in itself.

This way, in the Resource Association Diagrams, the RAs could be annoted with one or more nominated fields from the data classes and in reports, the RA could also be used to show details of the links between the objects, allowing one Resource Association between two objects, but then give that little extra information that would be important to have.

Adding the extra attribute(s) to the RA could be done via the same editor as currently being used in AMS for objects, as it becomes an object in itself as well.

The upgrade process is simple - just upgrade the RA as normal. Extra Data Classes can be added at a later point.

Kindest regards,