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Can we please be able to enforce reverse Resource Association Cardinality?

Created: 09 Jul 2012 | 1 comment
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Dear Symantec,

At the moment, you can set the Minimum and Maximum Cardinality for a resource association such as, for example:

Computer -> Monitor

Minimum Cardinality 0 (because not all computers have a monitor)

Maximum Cardinality infinity (because a PC can have multiple monitors).

At the moment, however, AMS interprets this as meaning that all monitors can be associated with all computers. If this is the case, then my associations are going to become impossible to work out if people move their PCs around so much that all computers become associated with all monitors!

So, I want to be able to set the reverse association Minimum Cardinality, so that only 1 computer could be set to 1 exact monitor at the same time, or, if a monitor is set to be associated with another computer, it then is either unassociated from the first computer or the second computer is not allowed.

In other words,

1 Computer -> 3 Monitors WOULD BE OK, but

1 Monitor -> 3 Computers WOULD NOT BE OK (and makes no sense in a desktop environment - unless the monitor is connected via a KVM)

Can this functionality be set up, please?

Kindest regards,


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having the same Problem, but I am using a little workaround.

In case a Monitor is associated to more than one computer, a report will show me that.

In the best case, the report is empty, otherwise it shows the monitor.

This report runs during business hours via an automation policy.

Not really nice, but helps to get the database clean. I'm still hoping to get a solution that prevents that by default.

Best regards,


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