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Can we please be able to import and export Shared Schedules?

Created: 26 Apr 2013
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Dear Symantec,

Recently, I have needed to create Shared Schedules more often because they are much more useful than regular schedules. For instance, you can have Shared Schedules that do multiple schedules, such as one week of the month, to run a process every day, but the next week of the month, to run just Monday to Saturday and not to run on a Sunday, etc.

We have three environments - Development, UAT and Production and when I am setting up a Job, I need to set up the Shared Schedule 3 times, as there is no way of exporting the Shared Schedule in Dev (like you can with policies or jobs). If we have lots of jobs at varying times (as is normal), this can get very time-consuming.

So, can we PLEASE be able to export and import Shared Schedules? This would also mean that there are many less mistakes in the transfer.

Kindest regards,