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Can we please be able to set the "Login first using unprivileged user" checkbox via the CSV Import on Rollout Agent for ULM to Computers?

Created: 23 Jul 2014
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Dear Symantec,

Using SMP 7.1 SP2.

When we import ULM computers via the CSV File Template, we fill in the "Name", "Root Name", "Root Password", "Root Prompt", "User Name", "User Password" and "User Prompt" fields in the CSV and successfully import the machines into the UI.

However, if we just select the machines that we have selected to rollout and press "Install", it fails. We then need to select the machines and click upon "Installation Settings" and then tick the "Login first using unprivileged user" checkbox and then click, "OK". This works, but it is a two-step process and not intuitive.

I have looked through everything and I cannot find where this checkbox is stored in the database - it is not in the table for this process (forgotten the name).

So, can we please have one or both of these things:

1) If the "User Name" and "User Password" fields are filled for a machine on the CSV import, please set the "Login first using unprivileged user" checkbox.

2) Provide a field in the CSV file (and the CSV file template) to allow us to set this as "True" or "1" or something (and document it).

Kindest regards,