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Can we please be able to set up sets of Holidays and divorce them from Business Hours?

Created: 17 Jan 2013 • Updated: 17 Jan 2013 | 1 comment
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Dear All,

At the moment, when setting up a Business Hours set for SLAs, you set them up and then add the holidays (if required). The problem is that, with Business Hours setup, there is no "Clone" option. If I set up one set of Business Hours for one area of the business and include all of the holidays for that, when I create another set of business hours for another part of the business, then I need to re-input the holidays for that one, too! If we have an appreciable number of business hours and an appreciable number of holidays (Italy has over 10) every year, then yearly, it is going to take hours or days to set them up!

So, can please be able to set up a number of Holiday sets (for a global company, there may be different holidays for different countries) and then set a Business Hours set to use a Holiday set?

This would mean that the Holidays could be set up once per a country every year, instead of 10-or-so times PER Business Hour set!

Kindest regards,


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Good to know the "Clone" option doesn't exist hear. Hopefully by the time I start using this it will be implemented

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