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Can we please change the Deployment Solution 7.5 User Guide to include a section that itemizes the processes that are happening when creating the PXEBoot Configurations?

Created: 05 Mar 2014 | 3 comments
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Dear Symantec,

Deployment Solution 7.5 has changed a lot in the latest version and the process for creating PXEBoot configurations is long and frought - many people have mentioned issues like the SMA taking a long time to build the PXE Boot configs and even packages not being configured properly on upgrade previous versions (and I have spent quite a long time on the phone to Symantec Support for this).

Also, there is not an easy way for us to see into the workings of the PXE Create Preboot Configuration for when it is not working properly (no UI, save for the Status).

So, can we please have a section in the Deployment Solution 7.5 User Guide that itemizes the processes that are happening when creating the PXEBoot Configurations, so that we can then check this with the logs?

Kindest regards,


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Er, thanks for that, but I cannot see anything in there that does not actually tell me anything that I couldd not get before. Those items just tell me how to configure DS.

I am looking for something like:

1) Tell the Agents to do a Configuration Request.

2) Check that the packages are downloaded (which ones are they and where do they download from/to), etc.

3) Building the PreBoot Images (and the processes involved, where do the the files come from and go to, etc).

4) Where are the log files and what are they for (well, I know that, but someone else might not know)?

5) Etc.

When you press those "Save Changes" or "Recreate PreBoot Environments" buttons, what is going on in the background and what needs to happen at each stage to pass onto the next stage.

At the moment, there is nothing like this in the documentation that I can find.

At the moment, the whole process for creating PreBoot Environments is quite opaque and there seem to be many reasons why the system can go wrong and at many steps. I want a breakdown of the whole process, so that I can fix it in future.

Kindest regards,


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Please refer to the attached document- Preboot configuration in Deployment Solution.
Please do let me know if the information is OK and helpful.

Preboot configuration in Deployment Solution.docx 30.03 KB
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