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Can we please extend the current Task Running Statuses to include "Waiting for Agent"?

Created: 11 Dec 2012 | 3 comments
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Dear Symantec,

At the moment, when I run a Task on a group of computers, I see:

  Not started:  0 (0%)
  Running:  1 (100%)
  Succeeded:  0 (0%)
  Failed:  0 (0%)

When I go into the details of the Task, I see that a machine is "Waiting for the Agent to get the task", i.e., the Task is not actually "Running". The status of "Running" seems to include the status of, "I have started to send the Tasks to the client machines, but they have not responded" and the Tasks are running upon the machines.

Can we, therefore, include a state of "Waiting for Agent" in the list of Statuses above? This would be more accurate and less opaque to the administrator as well.

Kindest regards,


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You had the same issue? It is infuriating, eh? Ah... so, I have 10 tasks that are "Running" on my machines... ...wait! No, I have 1 running and 9 where the it is "Waiting for the Agent to get the task" and they are all on one site, so the Task Server is having problems!

Grarg. If you agree with something, Kio, please press the "thumbs up" button, so that Symantec can then cound your vote.

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