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Can we please have encryption of the Barcoder data?

Created: 16 Jul 2013
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Dear Symantec,

When I am asked to implement Barcode Solution, people ask me about the safety of their data that is downloaded.

They ask if they can have encrypted communications between the SMP and the Barcoder and I say, "yes"!

They then ask me if the data is encrypted on the Barcode Device and I have to say, "no - lock the device".

Sadly, that answer does not work. Some people want to be able to make sure that if the barcoder device were stolen and the memory card removed (as many allow you to do), that the data cannot be read by another device.

So, can we please have the option to encrypt the downloaded data on the device? I have had 3 or 4 people ask this and then not use BS at all.

Kindest regards,