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Can we please have parameters for the Automation Policies Data Source as well as the Actions section?

Created: 05 Feb 2013 • Updated: 06 Feb 2013
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Dear Symantec,

I have a report that needs to be run by an Automation Policy and then be emailed to an administrator and it has two parameters - "Days Until Expiration" and "Contract Type":

So that I can have several Automation Policies that are run at different intervals and for sending to different people, I need to set the parameters in the Policy. I can set this in the Actions section, however, I cannot set the parameters in the Data Source section:

This means that the parameter defaults for the report are used in the Data Source, but the parameters can be set in the Actions section. This means that there can be a disparity between the Data Source that defines whether the report is sent out and what is actually displayed as being the parameters of the report to be displayed are different to the actual parameters.

For example, if my report has the defaults of "All Contracts" for "Contract Type" and 60 for "Days Until Expiration" (i.e. the Data Source), but the parameters in the Actions says "NDA Contracts" for "Contract Type" and 30 for "Days Until Expiration", then the parameters for the Data Source are used to show that it is a 30 day report, but then the report holds the default information!

To fix this, I need to copy the SQL contents of the report out and insert it in as a "SQL Query" Data Source (or even worse, construct a Resource Query, which takes more time) and then set the parameter values in that.

This means that my report is being copied into another part of the system and is duplicated in a different form (for reports with parameters).

Instead, could we PLEASE include an "Edit report parameter" section in the Data Source section that sets the parameters of the report for execution?Also, could we then have the option, in the Actions section, to select the parameters as set in the Data Source Parameters as well?

Kindest regards,