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Can we please have Shared Schedules renamed as "Flexible Schedules" and set them by default to only be used once?

Created: 29 Aug 2013
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Dear Symantec,

Shared Schedules are really very, very flexible and can allow a task to run on a more complex schedule. An example is where one task is supposed to run on the first Monday of the month at 12:00 midday and another task must run for the 2nd to 5th Mondays of the month at 12:00 midday. Without Shared Schedules, this is not possible, as you have an option of a number and a period of waiting, such as "minute", "hour", "day" or "week".

However, it is NOT a Best Practice to use Shared Schedules, as these can get used for conflicting tasks/policies and cause an NS to have performance problems. Really, Shared Schedules should NOT be SHARED between processes, but instead, should be only used ONCE for a task/policy. I have seen too many implementations where people have just used Shared Schedules for many processes and this has ended in administrators labelling Altiris as slow and bad, which it most definitely is not.

So, to fix this, can we please:

1) Rename Shared Schedules as being "Flexible Schedules", as people should not be encouraged to share the schedules among tasks/policies and

2) By default, set each Flexible Schedule to only allow for it to be used by one Task/Policy, however, include a tick box that allows a Shared Schedule to be used by more than one task.

The upgrade process for going from a Shared Schedule to a Flexible Schedule could be that if the Shared Schedule is already being used by more than one task, then highlight this on the upgrade and allow the user to reassign one or more task to another Schedule prior to upgrading. Alternatively, allow the user to upgrade and set the Flexible Schedule tick box as allowing multiple tasks (but still highlight this on the upgrade). For all unused Shared Schedules at upgrade time, these could then have the tick box set to not allow multiple schedules.

Kindest regards,