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Can we please make it easier to do the ULM Agent Push by saving connection profiles, like in Windows?

Created: 23 Jul 2014
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Dear Symantec,

I am familiar with the Agent Push process in the Console and have done this many times. I like the ability to set up a user that can install the Agent on a PC and thought that this was the same method for pushing the Agent onto a ULM box. Sadly, it is not.

I am trying to deploy the ULM Agent to 500 Linux and UNIX machines and I noticed that you need to define for EACH MACHINE what the unprivileged login is.

As many versions of Linux/UNIX are now using directory services, such as NDIS, can we have the same functionality in the Linux Agent push as in Windows to define the credentials and then apply them to many servers? This could be done by defining default parameters for ALL installations and then have an override for any "oddballs".

I am using SMP 7.1 SP2 at the moment.

Kindest regards,