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Changing default search option on Connect profile page

Created: 11 May 2012 • Updated: 26 Jul 2012 | 3 comments
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Status: Implemented

When I am viewing my profile page on Connect, I often make a search then. The problem is that Search field has two option tabls below and the default one is the "Users" tab. Inactive one is "Entire Site".

I don't know how other users do, but when I'm searching on this page I more than often prefer "Entire Site" option.

I propose to change default search option on My Profile page from "Users" to "Entire Site"

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& I must admit that I generally will change my search option to be for the "Entire Site" much like yourself (& even more so if I was within the Users profile 'area' as I'd seldom, if ever,  have the need to search for a specific user)

However, I fully understand the reasoning behind, and support, the current default search parameter - you are in a particular area (e.g. Backup and Recovery>Ideas, Security>Forums etc etc) then it is justifiable to accept that you should be more likely to want to search within the confines of that specific area.


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Yes, Andy, functionality and web engine is the same for the whole site. That's why it shows two search options for each specific site area (sub-site option and Entire Site). In this case it is correct to have default search for sub-site instead of Entire Site option. So, you're right.

I just wonder if it is possible to make a small change for My Profile search. Just there. 


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