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Chat Support For Symantec Endpoint Protection Technical Team

Created: 31 Aug 2011 | 14 comments
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Please consider using CHAT support as a feature that you offer. It would be nice to have documentation of the converstaion with support representatives for reference as well as proof of the level of support you receive. I believe the support would be better if there was possibility of accountability for the level of support offered. 

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This has been widely and virally suggested a lot of times. A recent discussions are here:


The status of item number (2) indicates Status: In Review

Hopefully we get this feature in our subsequent releases of Connect.

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We have many users that are using laptops with docking stations and external keyboard and mouse.

On some models external peripherals will not work until the user is past the Guardian Edge log in screen and the BIOS loads. Is there a way to change this in GE? or the BIOS?

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We have hundreds of laptops that have the issue of external keyboards and mice not working UNTIL you log into Guardian Edge. These keyboards and mice are USB-based but previous PS/2 peripherals did not have this. Is this an issue with GE, Windows, the BIOS or something else and is there a fix?


Peter Klein

IT Tech Support


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To explain the setup: We have an Exchange 2003 server which is a WIN2003, and a DC server with WIN2008, both servers have SYMANTEC ENDPOINT PROTECTION installed.

I have configured a network digital sender or scanner with IP address on the network that is used every day to "Scan to E-Mail" (converting images to PDF) which should work 100% flawlessly and just locally.

The problem:

A single document scanned (1 page long), is taking around 40 minutes to deliver on the respective mailbox in exchange, instead of 1 or 2 minutes.

Therefore, I would like to know if SEP always analyzes scanned documents that are sent via SMTP or how can I find out or disable that option, for one scanner located on our LAN that only sends PDF documents to inside users.   Do I have to add a centralized exception?

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 they can not deduct the virus and he can not work properally so plz give the perfect solution

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virus cant not deleted in file so give the solution and he can disable the computer browser services so give the solution

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Hi Sir,

This is From Ajit Patil Gulbarga  purchased Licanse  Symantic end point antivirus 12.5 25 users but update and client installation not down sysmantic is out of date update please solve the problem

 With Regards

Ajit Patil

Executive IT
Mukta artd Limited

Cell No-9731136106


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Symantec Epp 12.1.2 Management Console Fully Supporte In Windows 7....???

Any problem on Client Cammunication????

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We want to install Symantec Endpoint Protection antivirus in a PC that does not connect to Antivirus Server i.e. a separate network.Please suggest how to get that installation package and how to auto update the latest content from web for that PC.'s picture


      i hve to activate the endpoint protection security service 10 users symentec 

how to activate that in offline....????

pls some one guide us

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Did you receive the SLF file from licensing? Once you do you then import into SEPM.


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Hi may name is Heri,

how to unblock a website address on Symantec, I want to open a web address but blocked automatically by Symantec. .


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Greetings how are you, can you help me to remove trojan.gen.2  

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