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Clearer warning message when deleting from Filter Membeship in SMP

Created: 06 Jan 2012
Michael McKinley - Symantec Technical Support Engineer's picture
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When dealing with with filters in SMP it is not possible to change the criteria of the filter without clicking on the <Edit> button in the top right area of the screen. This is as designed.

However if a customer is new to the product or has not completely read and understood what is being presented in the lower part of the screen, under Filter Membership. They may believe that by right clicking on a particular computer (or resource) and selecting delete that they are able to selectively exclude that resource from the filter. And in fact it appears that this is what happens, in that after accepting the action that resource no longer appears in the Filter Membership.

When what has actually happened is the resource has been deleted from the database entirely and will remain deleted until it checks back in.

This has happened to a customer I was dealing with. He has requested that the warning/confirmation message that pops up asking if you are sure you want to delete this resource, be more informative as to what is actually being done. He assumed it was just verifying that he wanted that resource deleted from the filter results, and was unaware that the delete was against the database proper.