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Create an SVSUser

Created: 23 Feb 2011 | 1 comment
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I would like to have some kind of SVSUser (a capped version of SVSAdmin) so "normal" users (i.e. not administrators) can do the following:

- import, reset and delete layers

In this manner we can deploy a computer with all the basic layers (office, acrobat and so on) and have a layer library in a network share. If the user want to "install" some software he can import itself the layer and use the software. When he is done with the software, he can delete the layer and all is gone. The PC is always in a clean state.

So the user can't import layers created by himself (=unauthorized software is installed in the PC through this way) it could be a good idea to sign the layer with some key. If the layer is not signed then the import will fail.

Actually, we have something similar created in a poor way:

- We have a library of layers in XPF format

- We have signed the XPF files using GnuPGP (we have a SIG file for every XPF file)

- We have a folder (C:\Layers) that has a watchdog monitoring it

- When an user copies an XPF+SIG file inside this folder, the service monitoring the folder (run as SYSTEM) executes a batch file that checks if the SIG is good for the XPF file and then imports the layer using 'svscmd'.

In this way the users can "install" software and are very happy ;-)

We need to solve how to reset and delete the layers (probably by creating a files called *.reset or *.delete in the same folder and let the batch file to reset and delete the layers) ... something manual :-(

If we could do this in a more integrated way (like having a Layer Store ;-) 

So why not have a version of SVSAdmin that can be used by users directly?

I hope this could be imiplemented in the future.


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Send me a message with your email adres, and  I will send you a tool that alloqs users to activate, de-activate and reset applications without having admin permissions.

more about this tool can be found if you search for smart on conenct or follow this link:

Regards Erik Dinamiqs is the home of VirtualStorm (

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