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Customized Report

Created: 26 Mar 2012 | 8 comments
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Hi Guys,

As i am working on DLP and need to fetch differnt reports. but DLP gives detailed/full description in reports which sometime not required so every time u need to do formating on excel which takes time and chances of mistake . As ther is customize filter , Symantec should add on emore feature to customize report as per requirement.



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There is a lot of ways to customize the reports that are created by the DLP product. If the reports that can be created in the Enforce I are not sufficient or contain too much information there are ways to create your own cutomized reports.

This can be done using the Reporting API. Since the information within the Enforce DB is encrypted for protetion there is a customizable reporting API that can be used to create your own reports and then use a Reporting Tool to create the reports that same way you would as if you were mining data on a typical DB.

There is detailed documentation on this in the "Symantec DLP 11.X Reporting API deverlopers Guide."

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The guide mentions a sample application and the instructions for implementing the API is not easy or straght forward.  Is there anyone that has successfully implemented this feature?  Your comments would be greatly appreciated.

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I agree with this it is not straight forward, I have a client looking for daily reports on what user is how  many tickets, tickets assigned to the group, the oldest, and avg close time...

I guess i am going to have buckle down and figure it out I am also going to look at the ITA analytics also for Altiris and see what that gets me

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Funny you mention this, I have just been looking into the IT analytics program and will be exploring this further.

This was just released for DLP and may provide more insight into reporting.

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IT Analytics on the SMP is the way to go.  I've dug into this more recently and it looks to be the best solution right now for custom reporting.

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I had a request today for 5-6 reports that i think the IT analytics would answer. they want to know the numberr of incidents closed by investigator, number of incidents per end user or machine and so forth.

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Data Loss Prevention Pack for Altiris™ IT Analytics Solution 7.1 SP2 from Symantec™ User Guide


1. Introducing IT Analytics Solution
About IT Analytics Solution
How IT Analytics works
About Data Loss Prevention Pack
What's new in IT Analytics 7.1 SP2
Where to get more information
2. Getting Started
Installing and configuring IT Analytics Solution
Hardware prerequisites
Software prerequisites
Ports used by IT Analytics Solution
Installing IT Analytics Solution and packs
Configuring IT Analytics Solution
Configuring Data Loss Prevention connections
Data Loss Prevention connections fields
Adding Data Loss Prevention connections
Editing Data Loss Prevention connections
Deleting Data Loss Prevention connections
Adding cubes
Adding reports
Configuring the cube processing tasks
Verifying your installation
Purging resource event data
Uninstalling IT Analytics Solution and packs
Hosting Symantec Management Platform and SQL 2005 Reporting Services on the same server
3. Implementing IT Analytics Solution
Ways to access IT Analytics Solution
About cubes
Cube prerequisites
Cube fields
Top cube toolbar functions
Cube toolbar functions
Charts toolbar functions
Viewing a cube
Viewing a dashboard report
Viewing a detailed report
Creating a new report
Saving a cube view
Loading a table view
Modifying a table view
Deleting a view
Displaying cube data results in a chart or table
Exporting table results
Removing warning messages
Creating a table using the Data Loss Prevention incidents cube example
About Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)
Creating Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) - Data Loss Prevention
Setting the status of a KPI (advanced) - Data Loss Prevention
4. Granting access to IT Analytics Solution
About security
About the SQL Server Database Engine
About SQL Server Analysis Services
Granting access to cubes using the Symantec Management Console
Adding a user to a default role
Modifying role privileges
Creating a role
Deleting a role
Granting access to cubes using SQL Server Management Studio
About SQL Server Reporting Services
Granting access to reports using the Symantec Management Console
Granting access to reports using the Report Manager Web site
Granting access to the dashboards, cubes, and reports
Symantec Management Platform role-based privileges
Granting access to save and load views and create new reports
Filtering role-based cubes (advanced)
About configuring the Reporting Services data sources to use Stored Credentials or Windows Integrated Authentication to access the Analysis Services cubes
Reconfiguring the Reporting Services data sources to access the Analysis Services cubes
Configuring Kerberos on the Symantec Management Platform and SQL Server Analysis Services and Reporting Services servers
Configuring Kerberos for the SQL Server Analysis Services server to SQL Server Reporting Services server connection
A. Cube reference
B. Dashboard reference
DLP Incidents Dashboard
C. Report reference
DLP Incidents Search
DLP Incidents Trend
DLP Policy Change Audit
DLP Scan Trend
D. Oracle database client provider
Installing the Oracle Database 11g Release 2 Client ( for Microsoft Windows (x64)

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I'm currently leading a proof of concept for IT Analytics and there definitely seems to be some useful reporting capabilities.  However, has anyone in this thread (if you've used the tool) been able to configure automatic reporting?  In DLP you can configure reports to generate monthly, weekly, daily, etc., but I can't seem to find that functionality in ITA.  If anyone has any idea if that is a possibility, please let me know.


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