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Deployment Server 6.9 Intergration Component for SMP 7.1!!!!

Created: 22 May 2013 | 1 comment
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Altiris should incorporate the Deployment Server 6.9 connector and the Deployment Server Console similar to the SEPIC.

We are constantly using our Deployment Server 6.9 MR5 for Jobs, remote control and Imaging. We have over 300 jobs and also use several BMI images along with internal/home grown packages. We have an Active Directory format for our Computer Windows that allows us to serch or look at what machines belong to what group. Also we have test and server groups that console users do have access. 

The "Jobs / Tasks" on the Management platform is too sensitive; I have moved jobs to different folders by mistake just by highlighting the job. There is way to lock jobs to a folder? The good thing about the management console is the search function. The jobs folder is cumbersome and to move all of the jobs from one server to another is going to be very nightmare, copy the files to the new server, recreate the job and test on affected systems.

The connector would check that all of the manage machines have the updated Altiris Deployment Agent (Windows XP 32/64 AClient and Windows Vista/7/8/2008 DAgent) installed. It would also have reports on agents not reporting to the DS Server and remidiate them not talking to the server.

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If you install NS 6 you could then install Deployment Solution which would then allow you to deploy the DSAgent to your DS's in order to scrape data from their eXpress databases.

As 6.x will reach EOL soon, and as you seem to already have SMP 7.1.x, you could use the Data Connector to import data from the eXpress database into the SMP one.

Another method would be to either create views within the SMP database that connect to the eXpress databases, or create SMP reports that connect to the eXpress databases.  This will then allow you to perform those remediation steps.

A final option would be to contact Bay Dynamics and ask them to create an eXpress cube, especially if you have multiple DS datbaaes, as you could then utilise ITA's multi-CMDB functionality.

There is also a 3rd Party option (DSExpress I think its called - I can't rememebr the company name, but the team comprises of ex-Altiris employees) that allows you to install an Office like console that connects to DS databases that alos has reporting capabilities.

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