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Display information about the latest version in SEPM

Created: 29 Oct 2013 • Updated: 20 Feb 2015 | 2 comments
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Display information on the dashboard of SEPM about the latest available version of SEP / SEPM.
Right now you need to login to fileconnect once in a while to see the latest version available.

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Flash annoys you without end, very hard to shut it off, when a new version is out, or at least wants you do to an update check. Acrobat reader looks for new versions, Windows by default looks every single night for new stuff and will either install or alert you to the fact there is a new version. Most software will at least check or let you check easily., SEP does not. You must visit and log in using a serial number to see if there is a new version. And with the new contact they have with Flexera to handle their files for them we have lost the ability to see certain file date information. We used to be able to see in file connect what file was placed there when for a very very easy check as to what the latest version or file was. Now we cannot, we have to go all the way through the list in the flexara site to determine if anything is newer.

Why can't the SEPM management system go check once or twice a day for a key file to exist showing the following:
Your current version number, then seperately, the release and maintenance versions as well
What is available for download,
Have it compare and tell you in plain easy words "there is a newer version of xxx available for download".

It could send an "alert email" like SEPM can do now for security alerts. - The email could include the current version you have, the version Symantec just posted as well as a LINK to the site to get the software! They do it for everything else, and LU has the ability so take a lesson from LU and use a subset of LU to go find what's there and send you an alert if there is something new with a link "go get it now". Like I say, Symantec already has the code and technology and for many years has done this with LU.

A forum I run has a button called "check for updates" and if you click it, the forum ASP code will go to the author's site and check for patches, fixes or later versions. This is with a forum software! I'd hope critical security software that your whole operations and data rely on could do at least that much. If he could code it in ASP on an IIS server, the people who created SEP could do a superior job!
Your idea is simply brilliant, and even more brilliant because it IS simple! One of the better ideas I've seen in a while.

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Guys will this be a good idea for a future release..?


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