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Domain Based Password Protection for USB Devices

Created: 06 Jul 2011
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Hi There,

Ive researched the product and user guides as well as trawled through various forums but havent manged to find anything on this subject. Instead of blocking USB thumb-drives by Vendor, Model or Serial Number it would be hnady to integrate password authentication as well. For example through the Endpoint Protection - Application and Device Control facility being able to control USB devices when they are plugged in through someones domain credentials would be handy.

In trying to offer some flexiblity with security this would allow legitimate members of a business to still use their thumb-drive but would prevent external people form just plugging in any old USB drive? So basically once they plug in their device they get prompted for their domain credentials, if they cant authenticate successfully then a ballon comes up telling them so. This sort of feature also assumes you are running a domain based environment and that the SEPP client is installed on the machine you are trying to connect to.