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DS6.x: Add support for Lock Screen & UAC

Created: 12 Nov 2012
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As someone who can get around these issues at home using the free TeamViewer tool... and one who has seen these as non-issues for the likes of RAdmin and Kaseya products, it bafles me that we STILL can't remote control a NT6.x computer during these events. We need to be able to;

  1. Remote control a computer that is not logged on,
  2. Remote control a computer that is currently locked, and be able to switch users, etc,
  3. Remote control THROUGH a UAC prompt,
  4. Remote control screens with 1080p resolution screens without needing to drop the colour depth,
  5. Send chat messages and/or files to a remote computer using the Remote Control toolbar buttons.

I understand that Symantec really wants me to jump on the v7 product, but it's not going to happen (and I am not alone with that sentiment). Heck, I've had a Symantec Engineer sitting beside me. I built one of our typical jobs in v6.9... in a few minutes. They tried to replicate that functionality and couldn't. They needed to build five different tasks, and triggers, and then found they couldn't do the same thing. They then recommended I stick with v6.x until feature parity arrives... which it STILL hasn't.

So until then... can we get a functional DS6 RRemote Control? If not, we'll be switching products... because this is crazy!

P.S. I know this has been suggested before on Connect, but I couldn't find one that was a complete match.