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DS7.x: Basic Software Inventory exposed for Job Conditions

Created: 12 Nov 2012 • Updated: 10 Dec 2012
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Correct me if I am wrong, because I haven't played with DS7.x too long, but the product doesn't expose software inventory information to job creation tasks, right? If not... can we add that functionality? It's pretty critical for us, and is why we need to keep DS6 around. I shall explain.

So, imagine you have a site with various versions of a particular software product installed, say Google Sketchup v7 and v8... or Microsoft Office 2007, 2010 and 2013. Now imagine you have a plugin you need to install, but the location of the installation directory, or version of the plugin, or settings associated with the plugin, all require a specific pre-requisite program installed.

We currently;

  1. Package the plugin in Wise, set SecureCustomProperties and CustomActions for the various settings, and conditionalise the components (and/or features) in the installer,
  2. Then we simply go to DS6 and create a new job, add a condition for each pre-requisite software version using "Application.Description" and/or "Application.Version". We then use that condition to set an optional command-line for the installer that will change the properties,
  3. From there the technicians just queue up a single job, and it installs the correct version of the plugin, with the correct settings, based on what the computer has installed.

And all that is managed from a single job, with a single interface window. We NEED this functionality in DS7.x before we can use it. Now, I've run through this process with a Symantec Systems Engineer (using v7.1) and they were not only unable to get this to work, but took almost five times the amount of time it took me to even come to that conclusion... and they recommended I stick with v6.9.

If this functionality is indeed in v7... please comment and tell me how. If it's not, please add it. better still, if it is, but still requires the dozen different tasks, triggers, and UI Windows the Symantec guy needed... then this needs to be more like v6 (faster and easier).