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Duplicate posting when topics are already covered in Connect

Created: 16 Jun 2011 • Updated: 16 Jun 2011 | 3 comments
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Status: On Roadmap

Dear Connect Team,

I would like you guys to implement a heuristics scanning of posts that are similar to earlier threads in the forum and alert the user. I would bring to your kind attention this post

which has a relatively high degree of coincidence to earlier discussion thread

The downside of such posts are:

  • Search engines are unnecessarily indexing superflous content
  • Information seekers in search engines are distracted without any valid reason
  • The quality of the forums and its aesthetics is compromised because of redundant threads.

In the same vein, I would also suggest if Merging of Threads could be considered. This can be done by Admin/Moderator/Trusted Advisor. When duplicate thread is reported on a case-by-case basis either the panel can retire the lesser-valid thread and/or otherwise merge it with more comprehensive one. That way at any point of time only one thread would be visible in the forums.

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Thanks. This is on the roadmap for Connect. However, it isn't a high priority so may take a while before it is implemented.

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Dear Leslie,

The idea succumbed as a 'Duplication' of 'Duplicate-Prevention' Request!!!! True ROTFL. Jokes apart I regret for the same but thanks for sharing me the URL. Nevertheless I feel I have tried to explain why duplicate message to be avoided and hence I would request you to see if you can link the threads or merge them so that future readers could get our full comprehensive set of discussions on the topic. 

Also I think this would make the heuristics in duplicate scanning more challenging right?

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