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Dynamic folder and/or file exclusion

Created: 23 Jul 2014
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I've recently started using Symantec Cloud Endpoint protection after many years of using another, well know, saas endpoint security solution and the one thing I'm missing is he ability to exclude files and/or folders dynamically through the use of wildcards.

OK let me explain, I have a particular file, let's call it "file01.db" that sits in a sub directory of %appdata%, however after %appdata% the sub directory becomes dynamic depending on the version of the software they are using and the name the user has assigned to the sub folder .

There can also be multiple files in the same directory but I only want to exclude the "file01.db" file and no others.

For example "file01.db" could sit in the below directories on the one machine with many other files in the same directory

%appdata%\<software name>\version 1\<user defined name 01>\file01.db

%appdata%\<software name>\version 1\<user defined name 02>\file01.db

%appdata%\<software name>\version 1\<user defined name 03>\file01.db

%appdata%\<software name>\version 2\<user defined name 01>\file01.db

%appdata%\<software name>\version 2\<user defined name 02>\file01.db

%appdata%\<software name>\version 2\<user defined name 03>\file01.db

Now with my old endpoint protection it was simple, create a file exclusion for "%appdata%\*\*\*\file01.db" and I'm done.

Can we get the same functionality added to Symantec please??