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Enhancement request – make SSR and Symantec Encryption work together better

Created: 02 May 2014
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There is not a straightforward, easy way to restore Symantec System Restore backups made on a system where the hard disk has been encrypted using the whole disk encryption feature of Symantec Encryption Desktop. I have spent hours researching the workarounds offered in tech articles.

I recommend improving these programs so that they work together easily and giving instructions in each user's guide so customers do not have to spend hours finding the answers. Tech support directed me to three articles, which, taken together, offer five different methods to restore and leave the user with some doubt as to whether they will work.

My post on the Forum about this is at That post includes URL's for two tech articles. The third is at

Because I was told 3 years ago that Ghost did not work with PGP WDE, I spent money on four licenses of another product, Casper Secure Drive BU and spent lots of time struggling with it, because it did not work smoothly some of the time. When I did a test BU and restore with it on my new computer, it rendered it inoperable, so I had to restore from a Windows BU & Restore BU. So I bought SSR. Now I must have spent at least 5 hours trying to figure out how to use it with WDE before I encrypt my entire HD. Why put customers through this? Why should users have to choose between being able to easily BU and restore and being able to encrypt the entire HD? Heck, you could bundle them and sell them as a suite!