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Enhancements needed for Deployment Solutions 7.1/PcAnywhere

Created: 14 Jun 2011 | 3 comments
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I attended training a few weeks back on the new platform and it was suggested by the trainer to post enhancement requests on this site.  Here goes:

PcAnywhere - While it is nice that this is included now with DS 7.1, the speed at which it works is far slower than the remote control in the 6.9 console.  The biggest pain is having to enter a username and password when connecting to a machine.  It is essential that we have a way to store these credentials to be used as a default system wide for using PcAnywhere on all of our clients (same username and password will provide access to all machines).

Power Control - When right clicking on a machine, power on, power off, and restart should be options.  iLO power management is there, but this is useless for almost all of our machines - we are managing clients, not servers with this software, thus the name, Deployment Solutions for CLIENTS). 

Status of Computers - There is no way to tell if the machines are on or off.  In the 6.x console, you could easily tell if the machines were on or off.  It is difficult to know if a power control task needs to be deployed if you don't know the state of the machine.  Even my Sophos Endpoing Protection web console lets me determine that quickly by looking at the icon for the machine.

PcAnywhere / Remote Control - With the old DS 6.x remote, you could remote control several machines at the same time using the console of a single client.  This is critical in a lab environment, as you can make a configuration change on 30 machines by only having to perform the task on the screen of a single station.

Honestly, if the 6.9 dagent would have worked to remote control Windows 7 machines without them being logged in, I would've stayed with 6.9.  It is faster to use in managing several hundred machines.  These enhancements are definitely needed in an enterprise environment.  I gained remote control before login for Windows 7, but lost:

Quick remote access to everything else, quick power control, immediate response to tasks and jobs, a way to remote control several machines at the same time (with IT budgets as slim as they are, we need a way to work faster than before, not slower, which is what the 7.1 console has for it's greatest unenhancement).

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I totally agree. I would also like PCA to be supported on Windows 2009 embedded.

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Excellent requests - thank you for the time you spent to write this up. I'm the PM over DS. Without a real system in place to provide proper feedback on your requests, what I can say is that we are working on the real-time status icons for 7.x. Stay tuned here. As DS 7.x gets some legs under it, you'll see continual improvements in the whole "real-time" aspect including status and reporting. DS is unlike most other solutions on the platform and we're adding features in as fast as we can to address that unique aspect of it.

For remote control, PcA is the way forward. I've forwarded your request to the PM over that product for any feedback.

If you'd like to correspond off-line in more detail that I can provide in the connect forum, my email is

Also, make sure you join or Deployment Solution product group (registration required) where more information will be periodically posted by me and others that won't be posted in the generic DS forum.

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There are alot of new things we are adjusting to as well. The new 7.x console leaves much to be desired over the 6.9 console.

Real time machine status, user loggedin, power... I have a feeling this is never going to be there especially runing a hierchy with a console on the parent.

PCA, almost seems like a step backward in execution. It's installed by a application credential(The Altiris agent user) But you still have to approve the connection on every new machine?

I'm sure there are other issues we will encounter as we move forward, and not all is lost is lost as there are some areas we think are better than the previous product.

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