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Extend the scope of "Trust any file from the Intranet site" option

Created: 22 Aug 2013 • Updated: 22 Aug 2013
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I've faced a problem with the Insight lookup and the Download Insight modules included in 12.x. The problem was that a file downloaded from our intranet was always detected aparently by Download Insight, even when I've marked the "Trust any file from the Intranet site" (it was included as trusted site). After review the problem with the Symantec Support, the final conclusion was that the Insight Lookup was the real module that detected the file as a possible risk (due to the low reputation it has).

At this point, I wonder if it is possible to extend the scope of the "Trust any file from the Intranet site" available in the Download Insight configuration to all others modules, as Insight Lookup (or any other).