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Feature Request: Changes to Schedule in change calender should be updated after Approved Change plan

Created: 07 Feb 2013 | 3 comments
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Current version of Service Desk 7.5 does not update the calender.

Changes to Schedule in change calender are not updated after Approved Change plan

steps to reproduce. 

1. Create a new Change Request 

2. Use Approve/Deny Change Plan to approve the Change. Set the Start Date to some time in the future. 

3. Use the Approve Change Plan to override any CAB approvals and approve the change for your future date. 

4. At this point, the change is approved and scheduled for a future date. 

5. Find the change in the change calendar, click on it and choose “Edit” 

6. Modify the Event Start and Event End dates to be a different date in the future. Save this. 

7. Go back to the change ticket. 

8. There is no indication the change has been scheduled for a different day, no record in the process history. 

There is no way to tell if a change has been rescheduled from the change ticket and no way to link through to the Edit Change window 

to see that date if you do not have permissions in the Process Manager to see the Calendar.

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I am not sure, but I read that your title says that the Schedule is not changed when you set the schedule in the Change, however, the description says that if you have successfully scheduled a change, then if you change the schedule of the Change in the Forward Schedule Calendar, then this is not reflected in the Change? I thought that the FSC was just a reader in this regard and changes in this do not drive changes in the data. Is that what you want?

Am I right? Do you want to change the Title if so?

Kindest regards,


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In ServiceDesk 7.5 you cannot reschedule an approved change!

So if for example you had a significant event occur in your environment (security breach, power outage, business event etc) and decided that no changes were to occur in the following week you'd logically go to the FSC and move all the changes in that week to a later time.  You cannot do this. There is no option to modify the Planned Start and Planned Completion dates in the change ticket.  Trying to edit the FSC entry (as this idea suggests) allows you to move the entry in the FSC but this change is not reflected back in the change ticket.

When a change is approved for implementation, (either by CAB or over-ridden by the Change Manager) the workflow makes an entry for that change in the "Scheduled Changes" schedule that is used by the CM module.  This is the FSC.  This is a one-way, one-time stamp that is never updated.  

Once a change is in this state (waiting for implementation date) if you want to change the implementation date you have two options.  The "Implement Right Away" action or wait until the implementation date.

I understand from an ITIL standpoint you are supposed to get re-approval on any change to an approved change but the workflow does not even allow for this.

This is a fairly serious flaw to the change module in my opinion.  I suggest there needs to be a "Reschedule" action available that allows a Change Manager to modify the Planned Start and Planned Completion date, an option to request re-approval from CAB and then an update to the FSC.

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Thank you for your comments, we are evalulating options to allow users to modify approved change implementation dates in the Apollo release.

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