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Feature Request: DS6.9: add option to "run as current logged in user"

Created: 07 Mar 2012 • Updated: 21 May 2014 | 3 comments
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The current option are

  • run as local system
  • run as "defined user"
  • run as current DS  6.9 console operator credential

But there is no

  • run using current logged in user on the client side
    (all the same without the option: run 1 time each time a user loggin, that is a NS/SMP feature)

I know the alternative this missing is using the "Active setup" see

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Thanks Pascal, I'll add this to the product backlog for assessment.


David Evans
Principal Product Manager
Deployment Solution, Ghost Solution Suite, Server Management Suite, Task Server

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SK's picture

This functionality has been requested with each release of DS since the 5.5 days which was when I first started out (and probably earlier).

David, please check the old KB system for those feature requests as that was how they used to be submitted, as well as the current Accept360 database, as I will be quite surprised if these requests have dissapeared...

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You guys are confusing me. As long as I can remember, there is the option "run script in console user session", which runs the script on the client with the current logged on user credentials.

And what the heck about a "current console operator credential" option?
Pascal, please share a screenshot.

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