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Feature request:Documentation for ServiceDesk 7.1, WF7.1, ITMS

Created: 14 Mar 2011
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we are in stage of implementing ServiceDesk 7.1 &ITMS 7.1 in enterprise and we faced with one problem-  Current documentation is good enough for sales or may be for managers.  Current documentations doesn't provide really important information about this software for engineers, in user or implementation guides we can find some sort of features without explanation of how these features work, for example:

1)Directory servers in Workflow 7.1(that included in  SD 7.1)

2)Process Manager roles- we tried to find information about roles in all user guides about worklow and we didn't get explanation of that feature

It seems that at this point there is no documentation that can provide to IT engineers comprehensive  knowledge about  how this software works. Without full docs about software concepts and features it's really hard to implement and support this products.