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File Splitting if overlimit

Created: 20 May 2013 • Updated: 28 May 2013
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Hello Admin,

Currently i am using 7.1 Altiris at my Site. I have observed an issue which is related to Reports. When we export the report in .csv format and open it in excel, it reflects the error "File not loaded completely", reason is Excel has a row limit 65536/1,048,576 and report size is larger than this capacity. To sort this issue we have find a solution to merge the file in to 2 parts but this can be possible only if we divide the data into 2 parts manually, which we cannot consider this as a concrete solution. So if we can add this function for merging the .csv format with in the altiris solution (eg- if row size is larger than 1,048,576 file can be saved directly in multiple parts) then it can help us save a lot of time.