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Fix the single colour event query graphs in SSIM

Created: 08 May 2013
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The Problem:

When creating "Top x" queries, the graphs that are displayed have the default yellow graphing colour applied for all columns.

This can be fixed if the "Rotate Data" check box is selected in the graph properties but this removes the column titles relating to the data graphed. Please see attached sample graphs for examples of the differences.

This is not a functional problem but it would significantly improve the "look and feel" of dashboards and reports produced by SSIM.

The Reasoning:

SSIM, being a SIEM, is great for aggregating then providing a unified view of security data from multiple disparate sources in a single pane of glass. - In Australia we have been using this statement/fact to sell SSIM into almost every SEP client we have/come across.

Once we install and integrate SSIM including the queries described, 90% of the time we are able to get the SSIM dashboard on the CIO's and/or senior executive's radar by putting the SSIM dashboard on the operation teams overhead LCD TVs. Unfortunately the first thing they mention when seeing this new capability is "It's a bit yellow" or "Can you change the colours".

Unfortunately using the "Rotate Data" fix mentioned above significantly reduces the number of graphs we can effectively deploy on an overhead dashboard and more importantly it abstracts the data values from the graph which makes is harder to assess the graphs at a glance.

The Solution:

Regardless of the rotation of the data ensure the graph columns differ in colour.

I'm hoping this is an easy change and I believe it will have a big impact on the use and future sales of this product. If you are reading this and agree that this would be a positive improvement please up vote this idea.