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Get rid of Silverlight and Java

Created: 26 Feb 2013 | 6 comments
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Silverlight is no longer supported by Microsoft.  Java, as an upload tool, is horrible and notorious for being slow.  HTML 5 has been out for some time... why not move to it?

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Current console is too big :


Saddly they removed flash to complete the bundle ;)

Best would be to have one or two mono technology console :

-web browser : HTML5 only

and maybe :

-one standalone application (Java : multi platform) : offline features, boost uploading (resuming/offline),...

But this last one is less and less usefull as HTML5 is supposed to do this too now.


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Silverlight HAS to go...It causes more trouble than what its really worth. I'd be OK leaving Java if we could get rid of Silverlight. Half the time I can't get pages to even render right, specifically on the Jobs/Tasks page. I can only render what my mouse hovers over. Once I remove Silverlight and re-install it it works for about a week and then goes back downhill again.

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I understand Symantec has commited to Silverlight for the ITMS console and I get that Internet Explorer is the only officially supported browser in regards to console use.  Most administrators, including myself prefer to use something other than Internet Explorer.  Even Microsoft is going away from Internet Explorer with Windows 10.  This also does not help those who use the console on another OS.  Symantec started touting increased MacOS support in 7.5, but it doesn't help that the console isn't officially supported on anything other than Internet Explorer.

As of ITMS 7.6, the console (for the most part) works under Firefox and Chrome.  With Chrome, for the time being, you can reenable NPAPI plug-ins to enable Silverlight support but this will only work until v45 is released since Silverlight is an NPAPI extension.  It has been rumored that this will also happen with Firefox.

In my opinion, I should be able to use the console without having to load a bunch of plug-ins in whatever browser I choose.  Please consider switching to something other than Silverlight.

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My thoughts after having had nothing but TROUBLE with the slow, crashy and cumbersome user interface for almost a year now - the move to Silverlight, LOCKING this product in to IE and Microsoft was DUMB.
Microsoft is killing off IE. Silverlight will NOT work under Chrome. Microsoft states that as of last month, they are done supporting Silverlight in Chrome - that leaves us with a browser that is no longer being developed and a plug-in that constantly crashes and is horribly slow.

Last week the interface, yes, the interface, because Silverlight got tangled up and ended up straddling two differnet policies when I tried to move from one and highlight another, corrupted and trashed our SQL database - now I cannot open policies and I cannot create new ones - I can't even create a policy from a software app/package itself in the manage software area. Each time it tries is leaves another orphan no one can get to to delete or fix.

So now what? No more IE, silverlight will no longer install in or function with Chrome, Firefox sucks up so much RAM after a short time I have to literally kill it in the process list and restart it from scratch.
Symantec has forced us into a corner - with no place to turn to.

Why would a security company force users to use JAVA, which has been loaded with security holes big enough to drive an 18-wheeler through, Silverlight, the product of one company that keeps changing gears, shifting direction with browsers, and we are forced to use a browser no longer in development.

Does this mean perhaps Symantec has also been planning to abandon this product as well?
Why not create a lean, fast interface that does NOT break when you upgrade or change browsers, or like SEPM, the interface breaks when you upgrade JAVA so you have to lock your machine in to a specific JAVA version.

JAVA has stunk for over a decade, Silverlight is simply Microsoft's version of JAVA - wow, nice.

So now what do we do?  We are stuck, no interface.

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At the Endpoint Management User Group meeting in New York recently, the product manager mentioned that they are aggressively working on getting rid of Silverlight and moving to HTML5. Once that happens, I'd imagine the console will work in any browser.

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At the Altiris Brazilian Deep Dive the product manager told us they are moving to HTML5 to turn the console multi-browser.

In Altiris 8 some pages turned to HTML5, but of course, not at all. Pages that uses silverlight still working only in IE.

I suggest you to be patient. They are working hard to change the console!

Fernando Romano

SCS ITMS 7.x & 8.0

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