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Ghost support for USB 3.0

Created: 06 May 2011 | 5 comments
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I am trying to use Ghost Suite as a grab-and-go backup for my network, so I purchased and Iomega 1.5 Tb external USB 3.0 drive.  Unfortunatly, Ghoste Suite and WinPe (Vista - default version of WinPE used by Ghost Suite) do not seem to support USB 3.0.  My new hard drive will not work with Ghost Suite, not even when plugged into a USB 2.0 port with a 2.0 cable.  It is such a dissapointment.

Many new systems and large external hard drives are now using USB 3.0.  Please update Ghoste Suite to support USB 3.0!  That is the direction new computer systems are going as well as external hard drives.  It is very dissapointing to have a new hard drive that will not even work!

Thank you!

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Did you install the driver for your new USB3 device into WinPE?

Vista, and hence WinPE V2, pre-date USB3 by some years, so are not going to have native support.

I certainly needed to install a driver for my USB3 2Tb drive from WD when running it off a standard USB2 port on my XP box.

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Thank you for the info.  I will give it a try.

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OK, so I started with a USB key that boots WinPE 2 (same version as Ghost).  

I booted my laptop which has standard USB2 ports to WinPE 2, and then plugged in a USB-3 drive from WD - it was not detected. I then extracted the SES driver for x86 systems from the WD driver files, and put it on the USB key, booted to WinPE 2, and then at the command prompt, I ran DRVLOAD to load the INF file from the SES driver set. The driver was mounted successfully and after I plugged in the USB-3 drive, it was detected and I could access all the files.  So that is the USB-2 port issue sorted.

I then repeated the tests on a recent ASUS system with a USB-3 motherboard. The USB key was booted from a USB-2 port (it will boot from a USB-3 port but the key is then inaccessible), and the same SES driver was loaded, after which plugging in the WD drive to a USB-2 port allowed full access. However, when it was plugged into a USB-3 port - it was not detected.

At this point, the USB-3 driver was located from the motherboard driver DVD, and this too was loaded into WinPE 2 using DRVLOAD. (In fact there were two separate drivers both of which were loaded). Once these drivers had been loaded, the WD was plugged into the USB-3 port and was immediately accessible. 

So this proves to my satisfaction that WinPE 2 is perfectly compatible with USB-3 ports and devices, as long as the correct drivers are added to the WinPE system.

What I cannot comment on is whether Ghost is able to handle drives greater than 2Tb. I found that in order to use a 3Tb drive with 4K sectoring under Windows 7 SP1 64 bit, I had to use a GUID partition table (GPT) as regular partitioning would not create a partition greater than 2Tb.  Win 7 handles all this for you, but whether Ghost can handle GPT formatted drives is something I have not tested.

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1. Ghost 15 backup program will recognize USB 3.0 drives and create backup sets to it.

2. WinPE in system recovery is written in 32-bit. Needs to install 32-bit drivers to run.

3. In creating the custom SRD, will install 32-bit network drivers, but unable to install the WD SES USB 3.0 driver.

4. Booting with the custom SRD it will not find the USB 3.0 drive and hence no recovery points.

5. Workaround: plug the USB 3.0 drive where the backups are created into a USB 2.0. Boot with the custom SRD. It will then show the backup list.

6. Norton/Symantec should give up the Ghost and develop a new backup software program from ground 0.

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J'utilise norton ghost 15.0

Je veux faire une image disque à partir du cd mais norton ne reconnais pas mes disques durs externes (usb 3)

Comment dois-je faire svp ?



I use norton ghost 15.0

I want to make a disk image. I start with nrd.

Norton can not find my external hard drive (USB 3)

How do I do please?

thank you

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