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Hash tag database for Application Device control etc

Created: 26 Feb 2013
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Would it be possible for symantec to provide a hash tag database of programs and applications a bit like reputation database? So when your say doing an application device control policy to say block CD burning applications you can select off a list of version provided by symantec. This would prevent a lot of work on our side as this would be a full time job for someone to keep all hash tags up to date on SEPM's. If this was kept centrally by symantec and distributed it would save a lot of work. As each time a new version is released we have to manually put in the MD5 hash to keep the policy up to date which someone has to keep checking for new versions.

Example: Symantec would have all the MD5 hashes for say nero CD burning. When we applied nero to be blocked on application device control policy from a list it would add all the hashes for this program and all hashes symantec would add as new versions came out.

This would make application and device control a much more useful policy and simpler to use.