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Implement Central Views for Inventory related items (TECH167291)

Created: 10 Apr 2014
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I do believe it has to be less cumbersome to keep one inventory bucket as it relates to software. Why have a software inventory, a patch management inventory and inventory. Clients believe that they are looking at the same data, just different ways to get there. I have created more cases trying to chase down "errors" when it was the fact that one bucket knew that software was installed but the other bucket didn't get updated or what ever.

So we, as clients, update some SQL view so that our Patch reports correctly show what is ACTUALLY installed. Then we upgrade, and we start the troubleshooting cycle all over again. Why, because why would we think you would over write the SQL view. We import the view and all is good again. Meanwhile I have wasted your techs and my time troubleshooting.

I would love to see Tech 167291 be permenant or if we implement it, leave it alone! Give a heads up that you are going to remove it. There is a lot that is removed when we do an upgrade.