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Improve the SymHelp Tool

Created: 25 Feb 2013 | 1 comment
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Submitted numerous cases on incorrect or inaccurate SymHelp findings.  The common response from Support is to ignore those specific findings.

This is unacceptable.  Correct the tool, supressing the "error" does not fixe the error.

I will have multiple support technicians on my side with varying degrees of knowledge and depth regarding the SEP client and it's many settings running SymHelp to do initial troubleshooting.  I foresee many unecessary questions and error reports being escalated that are inaccurate. 

Can the SymHelp tool be modified to better:

Interogate the config files to not report no database on port 1433 when using a remote DB

Interogate the config fiels to not report no clients on port 8014 when using a custom client port

Interogate the OS so as not to report an ELAM error when the device in not running Windows 8

Interogate the installed components and not flag a component that was specifically not installed as an error.

To better handle 'Copy to clipboard' in a consistent manner.  Some reports is copys everything so reports it does not.

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You can ask your Support agent to provide feedback to the internal team that develops SymHelp. 

Of the items you mention, I can identify fixes for most of them, so try the latest build of SymHelp v2.1.11.  Let us know here as well if you can confirm the items you mentioned are now fixed.


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