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Incident Resolution Email Templates

Created: 12 Nov 2012 • Updated: 26 Aug 2013 | 4 comments
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I think it would be great if, when resolving an incident, a technician could determine exactly what type of resolution email was sent, say from a drop-down list of templates or the generic resolution email. We often have requests for the same types of calls over the period of time and those calls include the need to send specific instructions. Being able to choose an email template that has those instructions in it would help:

a) simplify the process

b) standardize the process for all technicians

c) standardize the answers that the clients may receive.

I know that with 7.5 we can set automation rules to send specific emails on resolution however that might get tricky if the right classification isn't set which in turn means that the appropriate email might not be sent to the client.

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This was a feature existing from previous "old" Helpdesk 6 :(

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I'm not sure I agree here. Can you help me understand the difference between choosing an email template specifically from a drop down versus choose an email template via classification? It seems like either way you are selecting an item from a drop down which will send an email based on what you selected.

Anyway, I think the best work around would be to have the technician send an email from the smart task (or is it a process type action?) using your desired template and then resolve the incident and have send a more generic email.

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I have thought about that and that's more than likely what will happen (and does now from time to time) but the idea is to make as few steps as possible through the process and to standardize events. Managing the human aspect is really the most difficult part of any IT shop and we're no exception. By standardizing emails and process through the ability to make choices at the time of resolution can help us better ensure that our clients are receiving the same information, at the same time, each time they call for support. By not having to send an email from the Send Email option and then resolving the ticket we waste less of the technician's time as well as lessen the amount of mail our clients might receive. Its also been found at my location that the more email that comes in from IT, the more often the emails go unread so limiting that email repetitiveness may help to lessen the "cry wolf" issues we see.

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It may be possible to create a seperate workflow project that allows you to choose which e-mail should be sent to the end user. You could then use the routing rule to activate the new project.

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