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Information on Symantec Website about Threat's have to be updated.

Created: 08 Mar 2011 • Updated: 08 Mar 2011
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Whenever we need a updated Information / Summary details about a Threat on the Symantec Website, we tend to have almost similar steps on Symantec website.

I would like to present a New Idea to Symantec for Updating the Summary Information, Technical Details and Removal of Threat on every new varient found.

The Summary Details except Discovered Date, Updated Date and Explaination about the Threat seems to be changing and nothing else.

Under, Technical Details, we find hardly anything. The Recommendations also remain to be unchanged for most of the Threats.

The Removal Steps remains almost similar to all Threats and seems never to be updated.

We do understand that making this documents public would be like make Virus Developers to go ahead and create more difficult Threats.

However, Symantec Customers have full rights to know the Latest development about these new varients, how do they work , what files they affect, Best Practices  and so on.

Symantec rather could create a Symantec User Accounts which gives rights to Eligible Symantec License Holders to have access to all the latest updates.

Hope Symantec really do something about the same.